Bronx, NY (January 2020) —In today’s modern times, many individuals spend nearly our entire day indoors, shielded from the natural sun. The lack of natural lighting can have a significant impact on our mood and our energy throughout the day, as well as the way we sleep at night. Lighting is especially important in healthcare facilities, where patients are healing, individuals are anxious, and staff are stressed. Healthcare real estate development company, Simone Health, explains how bright lighting levels affect hospital patients.


  • Reduces levels of depression: A key factor in lifting the mood of any healthcare space lies in turning up the lights. If people are exposed to constant bright lighting, whether it’s bright artificial light or natural sunlight, they’re mood lifts up and the body feels more energized. These benefits stave off the depressive effects of being constantly indoors and in darker lighting environments, reducing the depressive levels of patients and staff alike.
  • Lower pain levels: Patients in brightly lit rooms or rooms flooded with natural sunlight are more likely to need less pain medication than those in darker or walled off conditions. Exposure to natural and brighter lighting compared to the usual dim lighting of medical facilities can show a significant difference in the amount of pain patients report to their medical practitioners.
  • Reduces stress & anxiety: In addition to lower pain and depression levels, individuals spending time in brighter lighting conditions experience lower rates of stress and anxiety. The reduction in stress and anxiety means a space with bright lights that mimic the sun or that allows for natural lighting feels more comforting and relaxing.
  • Promotes a regular sleeping pattern: Brighter lighting levels during daytime hours allow the human body to adhere to a proper circadian rhythm, promoting a better sleep cycle later in the night. A restful night’s sleep leads to a healthy immune system, essential for hospital patients in recovery. Getting a quality night’s sleep can be difficult in a hospital setting, but with the right lighting conditions during the day and night, it may be a little easier to enter a deep, restorative sleep.


“While lighting may not be your hospital’s number one priority in enhancing your patient experience, it plays into the atmosphere much more than you may think. Find out what the sun and brighter lights can do for your hospital and your patients,” said Joe Simone, President of Simone Development Companies.



Joe Simone, President of Simone Development Companies

Joe Simone, President of Simone Development Companies



About Simone Health Development Companies:

Simone Health Development Companies is a full-service real estate investment company specializing in the acquisition and development of office, retail, industrial and healthcare properties in the New York tristate area. Headquartered in the Bronx, the privately held company owns and manages more than 5 million square feet of property in the Bronx, Westchester County, Queens, Long Island, Connecticut and New Jersey. The company’s portfolio includes more than 100 properties and ranges from multi-building office parks to retail and industrial space. The largest and most successful development from Simone Health is the 42-acre Hutchinson Metro Center office complex located directly off the Hutchinson River Parkway in the Pelham Bay section of the Bronx. The first two phases of the complex, which comprise nearly 750,000 square feet of Class A office and medical space, are fully leased. Two additional phases totaling 650,000 square feet (370,000-square-foot Metro Center Atrium and 280,000-square-foot Tower Two), are completed and fully leased. Visit Simone Development Companies.



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